Ghosts in the Brothel


Author: Robert U. Doyle

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There’s a new mob in town. The Gladiatori (Warriors of God), a ruthless bunch of thugs hatched in Campobasso, Italy, more than a century ago with a religious mission to reap its own kind of justice in a world gone wrong. It controls all the prostitution in Toronto but it can’t control one of its sex workers who has shocked the city and threatens its reputation among the criminal class and its business with the bizarre murder of one of its enforcers in one of its own brothels. What’s more, she’s escaped and the hunt for her is on by both the mob and the police. It’s another challenge for detective sergeant Tara Street, recently returned from some time back home in Australia. This time around, she is burdened with a new partner who’s already become a pariah in the force and with a new Chief who’s a throwback to the dark ages of policing and rumoured to be too close to the mob.

​Murders begin to pile up as the big boss of the Gladiatori, known as the guardian angel, is rapidly becoming unhinged.

What’s more, there’s hysteria among the brothel girls who believe ghosts are at the root of all the recent goings-on inside. This is a case worthy of all the ingenuity that DS Street can muster up. Here’s an unconventional cop with wit and a tendency to get involved in romantic interludes along the way.


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