“Righting” Humanity: “In My OUR Time?”


Authors: Merle A. Jacobs and L.A. Visano.


Introduction: Can health be used to understand equity? / Merle Jacobs and Livy Visano —
Social determinants of health: Social inclusion and social capital / Merle Jacobs —
Theorizing race: examining experiences of racialized families in the child welfare system / Daniel Kikulwe —
Critical race theory: A strategy for framing discussions around social justice and democratic education / Wesley Crichlow —
Chronic pain and human rights: The opiod ‘public health crisis’ / Saeed Hydralli —
Locating human rights struggle in environmental hazardous space: The case of Villa Flammable, Buenos Aires, Argentina / Carlos Torres —
Food, nutrition, undernourished: It’s all about equity / Merle Jacobs —
Development and underdevelopment: Factors in righting humanity / Merle Jacobs —
The health costs of being poor in Canada / Brenda Spoton Visano —
Black and mad and black and bad: Implicit bias as a social determinant of black Canadian mental and well-being / Lorne Foster —
Deconstructing hybrid spaces: Internationally educated nurses of colour in Canada / Nadia Prendergast —
Social determinants of health in aging: A human rights perspective / Krishnan Venkataranan —
Racializing discourse and procedural dominance: The Ontario Nurses Association at the Ontario Labour Relations Board / Jane Turrittin —
The disconnect between disability, health and equity / Terri-Jane Stapleton —
Well-being, integration, expert systems, Iran, and Canada: A transnational approach to mental health / Amir Mirfakhraie —
Multiculturalism: Equity or a diversion for white privilege / Merle Jacobs —
Ebola in West Africa equity and human rights issues in the global response: a synthesis / Jeffrey N.T. Squire —
Health inequities & health policies: Can you advocate? / Merle Jacobs and Livy Visano.


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