Social Justice and Human Rights


Social Justice and Human Rights
inequalities relating to health status

Studies in Justice, Human Rights and Public Policy

Edited by: L. A. Visano & Merle A. Jacobs


“This edited volume by Visano and Jacobs provides a solid and refreshingly bold assessment of “health status” as a determinant of health. In so doing, the articles address coherently and compellingly the relationship of ideologies and injustice. This collection succeeds in confronting the complicity of culture, medicine and law, on the one hand, in concealing the deleterious impact of pathological privilege; and on the other hand, in revealing hyperbolically the “advances” in health rights and wellness. In addition, this compendium contributes immeasurably in promoting methods and methodologies that promote social justice and equity.”

Professor D. Baker,
Administration of Justice Department
Barbara Jordan–Mickey Leland School


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