APF Press serves University / College faculty and students by producing high quality academic books in Canada. Our company is inclusive and supports thoughtful and critical perspectives. We aim to publish work relating to racialized community, community-based concerns, social justice, and human rights. Our authors are academics, activists, artists, professional practitioners who seek to encourage readers to be curious, committed and courageous in challenging inequities. It is APF’s aim to introduce and promote Canadian scholars . APF is especially committed to publishing authors who are typically under-represented or whose work tends to be rejected by mainstream publishers. Equally, APF is proud to publish scholarship that is controversial and dismissed by more orthodox or traditional publishing venues.


APF was founded in 1994 by Professor C. Paraskevopoulos at York University, Department of Economics and created in order to promote scholarship and debate. Originally housed at York University, both APF and Athenian Policy Forum inspired critical and progressive thinking in Economics. Later, with the guidance of Professor Paraskevopoulos, APF broadened its focus to provide more inclusive interdisciplinary studies in Health, Law, Criminology, Psychology, Social Policy and also ventured into Humanities.

Today APF has no individual owner and this ownership is arms length. APF is run by a team of dedicated staff and a collective of social justice advocates, academics and service professionals.

We also venturing into fiction – a fairly broad range of genres, children’s and young adult fiction, self-help, memoirs, and spiritual books.

APF publishes on the basis of consensus, once blind peer assessments are considered. The Editorial Board recommends arms- length peers /scholars whose expertise are in the area of the manuscript to be assessed. Profits are used to defray administrative costs and support the publications of young / junior scholars whose work would otherwise not be published given their critical perspectives on controversial equity and social justice subjects. APF hopes that the books produced will, in some measure, contribute to eradicating injustice.

New Authors

APF welcomes new authors. Submissions that are to be considered are not limited to niche genres and address issues of social justice. On behalf of the editorial team, APF Press seeks to invite and encourage new scholars to consider submitting their monographs (theses, dissertations, manuscripts). Prospective authors should submit an abstract of not more than 500 words describing clearly and succinctly the content of the proposed publication.


APF has developed Team blogging to publish new articles by our authors on a regular interval. We offer our new authors or those thinking of publishing with APF to join us in this endeavour.

APF Press

C. Paraskevopoulos, founder of APF Press.
President of Athenian Policy Forum, Inc
Editor, The Journal of Economic Asymmetries
B.A. (Athens), Dip.Ec. (Color.), Ph.D. (Wayne State U)
Professor; Professor Emeritus, Senior Scholar, York University

“We Athenians, in our own persons, take our decisions on policy or submit them to proper discussions: for we do not think that there is an incompatibility between words and deeds; the worst thing is to rush into action before the consequences have been properly debated”
Thucydides II, 40 (Thucydides (460-400 B.C.) – Pericles’ Funeral Oration)
As cited by APF Founder Professor Christos C. Paraskevopoulos

APF Press

Dedicated to our dear friend and compassionate mentor
Professor C. Paraskevopoulos, founder of APF Press.

Inclusive, supporting thoughtful perspectives

  • Promoting Canadian authors
  • Academic Books – Areas Include: Culture, Race and Racism, Social Sciences, Economy, Political Science, Health, Social Justice, Human Rights
  • Reflections from racialized communities in Canada important in our publishing objectives
  • Children’s Books for all ages
  • Self-help books
  • Spiritual Books that promote love and charity

Authors from developing countries encouraged to contact APF Press.